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CHANG 昌 Series Beveled Knife
CHANG 昌 Series Beveled Knife
CHANG 昌 Series Beveled Knife
CHANG 昌 Series Beveled Knife
CHANG 昌 Series Beveled Knife

CHANG 昌 Series Beveled Knife


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CHANG昌 Series knives (pronounced "chong") are named after Chang-Fa Liu, who is a double reed educator, master toolmaker, metallurgist, and father of LC Double Reeds co-founder Xiaodi Liu. The Chinese translation for the word "chang" or "昌" is "prosperous" or "flourishing", both of which are traits that we hope these knives bring to your reed-making.


Designed with the same careful attention to detail and quality as our popular CHANG 昌 Series Double Hollow Ground Knife, our newest knife offers a substantial, effortlessly smooth scrape for reed makers who prefer using a bevel style knife. 

What makes our CHANG昌 Bevel Knife superior? 

Ease of Use: The CHANG 昌 Bevel Knife is a true bevel knife, not an overly-complicated hybrid knife like others on the market. The simplicity of our grind makes this knife incredibly easy to sharpen and maintain. We have experimented with many different steels during the design process of this knife, and we work hard to provide the best quality steel for this knife design: one that is both easy to sharpen and holds an edge, while still offering a competitive price over similar quality knives on the market.

Balance: Our knives are perfectly balanced so that the center of gravity is placed at the index finger. This ensures maximum control for the user without having to apply extra pressure from the arm or wrist.

Comfort: Thoughtfully designed handle size and shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, without having to put your hand in an unnatural position.

Structure and Simplicity:  In our newest knife design, we have maintained our priorities of maximum structural stability coupled with maximum control, to create a knife which would provide an exacting scrape with a smooth and effortless follow-through. The angles that we use for our bevel knife were mathematically designed in such a way to emphasize structural strength of the blade without compromising factors that contribute to precise control or the ability to perform fine detail work. 

Protection: The extremely durable leather sheaths that we provide with our knives are equipped with a loop and button to secure the knife in the sheath, so that no matter how bumpy the ride, the knife will not become unsheathed in your instrument case or tool bag. No more worrying about cutting your hands when reaching into your instrument case!

Visual Design: Some knife companies use the same wood and varnish for all of their knife handles. At LC Double Reeds, all of the wood we use for our knife handles is hand selected, and varnished in such a way to accentuate the wood's natural beauty, making each knife handle unique, while maintaining precise consistency in our handle shapes and blades.


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