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We are closed until the end of august

We are closed for Summer Break!

We will return at the end of August! Orders placed during this time will be fulfilled when we return. If you need a product sooner, please check with our distributors for availability. Have a great summer!

Read what professionals are saying about our products:

Benjamin kamins

LC Double Reeds' “Cornelison” mandrel tips are hands-down the best system I have seen for making well-formed bassoon reeds using the Herzberg shape.  They have excellent guiding lines on the tips so you know exactly how far on the mandrel to go when forming the tube.  As they go further into the reed they bridge the gap between blade and tube giving sturdy, integrated structure to the reed. I give them my highest recommendation.

robert walters

The weight and flexibility of the Chang 昌 Beveled Knife by LC Double Reeds is unique among beveled knives. The streamline heft of its design provides more control, and exactitude. It’s  high quality metal encourages the keenest, truest edge.

The final steps in the scraping process are absolutely essential to success for any reed maker.  For me, the Chang Double Hollow Ground knife is the ideal knife for the intricate and delicate task of truly refining and finishing the tip of a reed.

robert atherholt

The newly introduced Chang Double Hollow Ground Knife from LC Double Reeds could not be more welcomed by oboists and bassoonists alike. The knife is comfortable in the hand and is very well balanced. It is made of the highest quality steel with a very thin blade making it very possible to re-sharpen again and again. It is the finest finishing knife I have experienced in many years. It comes with a very aesthetically pleasing wooden handle and is priced very well.I have personally used this knife and highly recommend it. I am encouraging all of my students to own one

Fei xie

The "Cornelison" Bassoon Forming Pin and Mandrel Set has the unique feature of the two laser-inscribed lines. They are a great point of reference for forming blanks and putting wires on after beveling. The handle is ultra-comfortable, and fits in the palm perfectly. It makes the forming process much less painful for someone who makes lots of reeds. The forming pins are easily removable with an Allen wrench which comes with the set. You can then transfer the formed reed onto the drying rack without taking the reed off the forming pin. I have enjoyed using these forming pins very much, and highly recommend them to bassoonists.

eric arbiter

From the first time I held the Chang Double Hollow Ground knife in my hands I knew it was an exceptionally fine tool. It exudes quality— from the beautifully finished hardwood handle to the blade and finally to the buttery leather sheath.

 There is a delightful balance in the hand and it is a real pleasure to work the cane. In addition to the normal way of trimming with the grain of the cane I also use a reed knife to feather across the cane in the reed’s channel areas. The Chang knife performs brilliantly for me for both of these methods, and the sharpness of the edge is amazing! I heartily recommend this knife!

jennifer christen

The Chang Double Hollow Ground Knife is a beautiful knife in both accuracy and appearance. Its thin edge takes cane off easily and precisely. It is also easy to sharpen and holds its edge well. I can tell that so much detailed thought went into making this knife, and it shows in the finished product. They were quick and happy to answer any questions I had about the knife both before and after purchase, and wanted to make sure I was happy with the product. Double reed players are lucky to have this gem of a business making knives for us!

max blair

For me, the most important pillar of reed making is knife sharpness. The way the knife takes the cane off is just as important as the actual finished dimensions that it creates. The Chang Double Hollow Ground knife, with its very thin edge, cuts in just the right way; the cane comes off in curls and has a beautiful follow-through at the end of the scrape. It has great immediacy and allows me to start taking cane off exactly where I intend to. These qualities make it perfect for precision tip work and refinement. I would highly recommend it to any oboist!

amanda swain

When it comes to reed-making I rarely deviate from my usual equipment, which has served me well throughout my professional career. However, when an exceptional product comes along, I have to reconsider. The first thing I noticed with the Chang double hollow ground knife from LC Double Reeds was the grip was actually comfortable, making the blade easier to guide without feeling like I'm straining my hand. Then I actually started taking some cane off a reed, and I knew I had to make the permanent switch to this knife. The scrape is so smooth and even, particularly with detail work. I would highly recommend this knife to any double-reed player who is looking for comfort, functionality, and precision.

elizabeth priestly siffert

I have tried different kinds of reed knives over the years of my career but had been faithful to the same brand of knives for about 8 years. That changed the first day I tried the Chang double hollow ground knife from LC Double Reeds. The scrape of the Chang double hollow ground knife is smooth from the initial scraping of the reed to the fine tuning and finishing work. It's sharp precision allows for great detail. I also really like the weight of the knife and feel that that strongly contributes to the high quality of its capabilities from start to finish. Thank you LC Double Reeds for making such a fine product that has changed my reed making!

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Founded in 2017 in Houston, Texas, and now based in Detroit, Michigan, LC Double Reeds LLC is a small business exclusively run by two professional double reed players.

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