Return Policy & Liability Notice




We will accept returns for a refund or exchange for a different product if there is evidence of a manufacturing defect in our product.

A product that has evidence of damage caused by the user or a different outside force (i.e.: dropping the product, hitting it against something hard, using improper sharpening techniques, or not using the product for its intended purpose) will not be accepted for return.

Please keep in mind that due to the thin edge of our knives compiled with the hardness of the alloy that we use, the final scraping edge can be very brittle and can easily chip if not cared for. A knife that is chipped due to user mishandling will not be accepted for return or repaired free-of-charge. Depending on the severity of the damage, many cases can be repaired using our Knife Regrinding and Sharpening Service.



Unfortunately, we are not accepting returns for plaques or cutting blocks.




Knives are sharp. Our knives are really sharp. Please be careful when using our products.

By purchasing our products directly through LC Double Reeds or through one of our distributors, the customer understands and agrees that LC Double Reeds, its employees, and its associates shall not be held responsible for any harm caused from using our products, bodily or otherwise. By purchasing an LC Double Reeds product, the customer agrees to not take legal action against LC Double Reeds, its employees, or its associates should any unexpected harm result as a use of our product.

Our products are intended for the sole purpose of making reeds for double reed instruments. Any use of our products outside of their intended use is not condoned by LC Double Reeds, and could result in damage to the product or bodily harm to the user or the property of the user.