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Professional Bassoon Reed
Professional Bassoon Reed

Professional Bassoon Reed


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I am still making reeds to order. If it is marked as "sold out", it simply means that I have reached the limit of current orders that I can take on while maintaining good quality and a reasonable waiting period. As I finish current orders, I will add available slots into the inventory. I recommend filling out the "Notify Me" form so that you receive a notification email when I have availability.

This item is made-to-order. Please allow up to 7 days for fulfillment of this item, large quantity orders of 5 or more could take longer.

Bassoon Reed handmade by a professional bassoon player in the United States. This reed is designed for optimal response and intonation throughout the range of the instrument. This reed is only available in one “hardness”, and is made using the Herzberg shape.

All of our reeds are UV sanitized prior to shipment to help ensure the safety of our customers.