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Bassoon Reed
Bassoon Reed
Bassoon Reed
Bassoon Reed

Bassoon Reed


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Our highly-demanded bassoon reeds are back! No more order forms or waiting lists - Inventory will be updated weekly based on availability so check back frequently!

Designed with intonation and ease-of-response in mind, our reeds are perfect for bassoonists of all skill levels. We only offer our reeds in one "hardness" which can vary slightly from reed-to-reed depending on the nature of the cane.

Our bassoon reeds are made using the popular and sought-after Herzberg shape.

Crafted in Detroit, Michigan and shipped with a small humidity pack to reduce climate-related effects and warping during the shipping process.

Please soak for 5-10 minutes before first use to make sure the reed is adequately re-hydrated from this shipping process.

we do not accept orders with custom colors, shapes, or dimensions.